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Mans Best Friend Deserves Best Treats Available

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Easy dog treats

I recently had an interesting experience with a colleague. He stopped by for a visit, and the other people in my building (all dog people, with the exception of my colleague) were out on the porch with us. Soon, there were five dogs tumbling around the porch, and our pooches became the prominent topic of conversation. My colleague was shocked. “I have never seen anyone act SO into their dogs before” he said, almost aghast. “You guys talk about them like they were your kids!”

I suppose we did do just that. I would argue that there is nothing wrong with that. Our dogs ARE sort of like our kids. Dogs are not only part of our families, but they are also part of the fabric of American society. Just look at our popular entertainment. Whether you have Lassie, the Brady Bunch’s Tiger, the Flintstone’s Dino

Using the Right Motor Oil for Your Car

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Best motor oil

If you drive a car, bus, or truck everyday, you rely on motor oil to get you where you need to go. In fact, any vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine, from motorcycles, planes and snowmobiles to tractors, boats and go karts, functions on motor oil.

Whether you use the standard 5w50 motor oil or another variation to get from point A to point B, it is very important to know about motor oil types and proper usage for the quality functioning of your vehicle.

To determine the best motor oil for your car, you must know which viscosity grading level is most appropriate for your vehicle. These levels are often affixed with the letter W for winter, and refer to the motor oils thickness and overall ability to en