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Three Important Facts about the CTP Exam Benefits and Preparation

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Did you know that, as of August 2008, almost 20,000 people have taken and passed the Certified treasury professional test? Ctp certification is intended to serve as a marker of financial competency, and it is recognized by respected institutions as a leading credential. Should you take the Certified Treasury Professional exam? Maybe. Here are three things you should know in order to make that decision.

1. What Type of Jobs Does this Exam Lead To?

Did you know that, according to the CTP website, you can earn up to 13% more than your peers when you have certification? Basically, this ex

How Do Credit Card Payments Actually Work?

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Before you go ahead and open that online shop, are you aware of how processing credit cards works? It is not like your clients or patrons can just fax you over a check. You need to find some sort of payment processing company that can handle your payments for you. By having this company set up, they process the credit card payments that you receive, which handles the money from the client’s account going into yours. Without them, would you know how to do it on your own?

  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Payment processing is a required step in the e-commerce transaction. Everyone pays with credit cards, and everyone buys things online. All the way back in 2007, ele